Tom Smith's catalogue cover from 1928 / 1929
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Tom Smith's catalogue cover 1886/87

From the Victorian 1840’s to the present day.
Presenting fully researched information

Author Peter Kimpton (the world’s only Christmas Cracker historian) in his second and updated book “CHRISTMAS CRACKERS – TOM SMITH’S MAGICAL INVENTION” brings you an expanded, in-depth history of Tom Smith the man, his accepted Victorian invention of the Christmas Cracker, associated products, many freshly discovered facts and images and much much more in this wide ranging coverage of the subject.

After a number of years within the Christmas Cracker industry as Marketing Services Manager with the then Tom Smith Group in Norwich, England, during which time he contributed to much work on both modern and traditional interpretations of the Christmas Cracker, Peter was well placed to write this further new book on the subject.
This first hand industry experience coupled with a chance discovery in the mid 1990’s of a quantity of wonderful Tom Smith archive material dating back to the early 1890’s, not only gave him the idea to conduct serious research, resulting in this expanded edition of his original book but has enabled him to share with the reader an in depth insight into the world of Crackers past and present.

“To my knowledge, this second, updated edition continues to be the only comprehensive in depth book relating to the subject and which further introduces the reader to the fascinating history of the Christmas cracker and other Tom Smith’s products over the Cracker’s 160+ year history”.

“My own research has unearthed even more as yet undiscovered material (dating back to the mid 1880's) from far and wide which has added greatly to my own Kathleen Kimpton Collection here in Norwich which is not generally available to the public”.
The author’s own experience and historical archive material is interestingly supplemented by first hand accounts from several talented stalwarts of the Cracker industry of years past.
And so if you are in any way shape or form interested in the enduring Victorian invention and indeed the origins of our great English tradition – the Christmas Cracker, coupled with superb period graphics, then this unique book is most definitely for you.

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